What Industries We Work With

We work with over 25 industries and with hundreds of businesses. Although each industry that we serve is different, invoice factoring is an option and can help bring forth financial freedom for you and your business. 

Invoice factoring is a financial transaction that is business to business. It is when a business sells its accounts receivables to a factoring company at a discount rate. 

Whether you own a labor-intensive business or a web service company, we can boost your cash flow and assist you with the growth of your business. 

These are the industries that we serve: 


Having positive working capital is crucial for small to mid-size advertising companies. As your business grows, so do your operating costs. Many advertising companies turn to invoice factoring to solve their working capital needs. It is fast and secure, you sell us your aging invoices today and we pay you tomorrow. 

Auto Glass

It is not easy always having to wait to get paid, especially for auto glass installers. Many auto glass installers are getting paid directly from an insurance company or through companies like Safelite or Linx. Invoice factoring offers a huge opportunity for business growth because when auto glass installers factor their invoices they are always one day away from being paid. 


B2B factoring is when a business sells its accounts receivable to a third party at a discounted rate. Alliance One will purchase your invoices and advance up to 90% of the invoice face value, within 24 hours of the verification process. It is a logical solution to your working capital issues. 

Carpet Cleaning

If your carpet cleaning business is growing and you have taken on new customers, you are sure to make more money but it will cost you more in machinery and in additional payroll costs. Even if your business is not experiencing growth, you might still have cash-flow issues. Factoring for your commercial carpet cleaning business can offer you financial freedom. 


Small to mid-size consulting companies face many challenges. They provide services, as opposed to products and attempting to obtain a traditional loan is more difficult in the consulting industry than it would be in an industry that has inventory assets. Consulting companies can improve their working capital by working with Alliance One LLC and selling their account receivables. 


It is not uncommon for distributors to be strapped for cash, which makes it difficult to offer credit terms to new customers. Ultimately, this leads to lost opportunities for business growth. With distributor factoring, you can feel secure offering longer credit terms and taking on new customers, knowing that you will be funded within 24 hours after the verification process. 

Exterminator & Pest Control

Exterminators and pest control companies suffer from positive working capital, similarly to most other industries. The extermination and pest control industry is labor-intensive with high expenses in labor costs, products, and transportation. Exterminator and pest control factoring turns your aging invoices into instant cash, ultimately making your life easier. 

Freight & Trucking

Do not get stuck on the road with no money. Stop waiting to get paid and instead, get paid tomorrow. Choose freight factoring with Alliance One LLC and every invoice you generate will be one day away from being funded. While you are on the road, we will make sure you have access to cash. 


Import businesses are traditionally concerned about taking on new clients because offering credit to additional customers comes at a risk of having even less working capital. Importer factoring exists to eliminate the gap from the time you invoice to the time you get paid. Taking on new clients should be the most difficult part of your business, not worrying about getting paid. 


When it comes to the janitorial industry, we understand that the larger the customer you are serving, the longer it takes to get paid. Additionally, the more customers you take on, the larger your payroll becomes and the more it will cost you in supplies, salaries, and new equipment. This is where janitorial factoring can help. It allows you to hire new employees, and more importantly, sell your account receivables today and get paid on them tomorrow. 


Having positive working capital is crucial to the survival of your maintenance company, whether it is grounds maintenance, building maintenance, IT maintenance, fleet maintenance or maintenance in any other industry. Maintenance factoring is the solution, and that is account receivable financing.


Unfortunately, manufacturers often feel the financial strain due to slow-paying customers. The problem is, you have money coming but you also have money going out. Manufacturing factoring gaps the time frame, creating opportunities for business growth. 


As the microbrewery industry becomes increasingly more popular, so does the demand for invoice factoring. Microbrewing factoring is a simple solution to your working capital needs. You sell Alliance One LLC your invoices, the products are delivered and verified, then we advance you up to 90% of the face invoice amount. We will then hold 10% back in a reserve account and pay you and your customers directly. Once we receive a payment, we send back your reserve money, less than the factoring fee. 

Oil Field

Alliance One LLC has been a leader in financing for the oil field industry since 1996. We provide invoice factoring and account receivable financing for suppliers, staffing companies, trucking, well servicing and more. We understand the need for fast cash and we can help you with that, at a low cost. 



The packaging industry is under constant pressure regarding product sustainability. Tight restrictions are being applied to the industry because it is costing you more to manufacture your products, yet it is expected that your products should be sold for less. When you factor your account receivables, you are able to make ends meet and be financially stable, month after month, even with growing regulations.


The pallet industry often struggles with the same cash flow issues that many other manufacturing industries do. It is a labor-intensive industry that is dependent on the purchase of raw materials for the final product. Invoice factoring with Alliance One LLC can certainly give you working capital. It allows you to make capital improvements to your facility, buy raw materials in large bulk at a deeper discount, hire additional workers and even give yourself a raise. 

Process Server

The process server industry is another labor-intensive industry, making invoice factoring extremely common. All businesses need cash flow, but with an industry that is heavy labor, it is crucial. If you are suffering from positive cash flow and are interested in having your payments expedited from your slower paying customers, then invoice factoring is the solution.  

Security Guard Factoring

Security guard companies suffer from positive cash flow, similarly to staffing companies. It is labor-intensive and can benefit from invoice factoring. If you are struggling to make payroll or if you are hesitant to take on new business because of added expenses, contact Alliance One LLC about a fast solution to your problem. 


The service industry does not typically have a tangible product, which makes it more difficult to obtain traditional financing, especially during challenging economic times. Alliance One LLC will provide you with financial freedom by purchasing your aging invoices for immediate cash. If you are struggling to grow your business, pay your customers or pay yourself, contact us for assistance. 

Temporary Staffing

Having positive, consistent cash flow is the lifeline of the temporary staffing industry. Alliance One LLC has been factoring for employment agencies for over 20 years and can provide you with financial freedom today. We will help you reach your goals, as your company grows. 


You are in the suppliers' industry to make money and you cannot afford a larger discount that will eat into your profit margin. This is where invoice factoring comes into play. Alliance One LLC can provide a working capital solution by utilizing invoice factoring. 

Vineyards & Wineries

Vineyards and wineries have been increasing in popularity, making invoice factoring more common within the industry. If you have been searching for an alternative method to financing, as opposed to a traditional bank loan, then invoice factoring is your solution. Alliance One LLC will purchase your aging account receivables today for immediate cash tomorrow. 

Web Services

It is not surprising that invoice factoring has become more and more popular within the web services industry over the last 10 years. The industry itself is booming and many companies are turning to invoice factoring because it is more difficult to borrow money from a bank. Alliance One LLC will provide your web services business with invoice factoring or account receivable financing that is fast, reliable and secure. 


If you are a wholesale company with slow-paying customers and a lack of cash then wholesale factoring is the perfect solution. When you factor your account receivables with Alliance One LLC you are one day away from being paid. You invoice your customers and then you send us a copy of the invoice. We then verify that the products have been delivered and we advance you and your money. 

Window Washers

Boost your cash flow as a window washer with invoice factoring from Alliance One LLC. Every company has some slow-paying customers and factoring can be the solution to the problem. Window cleaning financing is when a business sells its accounts receivable to an invoice financing company such as Alliance One LLC. When you sell us your accounts receivable, we then convert these invoices into immediate cash. 

If you work in one of these industries and are considering invoice factoring, contact us today. We can help you find financial freedom!