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Invoice Factoring
We Solve Your Cash-flow Needs
  • We Provide Working Capital
  • We Purchase your Invoices for Immediate Cash
  • We Wait to Get Paid By Your Customers

Invoice Factoring Services

Partnering with a factoring company will expedite your cash-flow.  If your company is well established or new, you will be approved.  

Is your business growing and you now need immediate cash?

  • You do not want to take on more debt but want to expand your business.  Invoice factoring is not a loan, you do not take on additional debt.
  • Your business needs working capital to purchase materials and/or equipment to fill customer orders or to pay your staff
  • You need to focus on your mission-critical business functions and don't have the time or expertise to perform back-office functions
  • Your business currently has, or has previously had, credit problems (even Chapter 7 or 11) and cannot qualify for bank loans or traditional financing
  • You're looking to take advantage of vendor discounts for early or cash payments
  • You deal with customers that are on a longer than standard payment schedule
  • You have more receivables than cash
  • You were awarded a new contract 
  • You want to take on new customers but you cannot offer longer net terms


What services does Alliance One provide?

At Alliance One, we do one thing but we do it well and that's invoice factoring.  We are direct lenders, we do our underwriting in-house, we can approve deals within a day (after the file is submitted).  When you have been approved, you will be assigned a dedicated seasoned account representative.  All of our account reps are seasoned professional, you will not be jostled for rep to rep.  Alliance One will act as an extension of your arm, we are here to make your business run smoothly and to keep your customers happy.    

We purchase your accounts receivable and provide you with immediate cash.  How much are you owed in open invoices?  Do you need this to come in faster?  Are you calling your customers asking about the status of their payments?  Are you tired of always waiting to get paid, while you are expected to pay your bills on time?  If any of these apply to you, then invoice factoring can get you the cash you need.

Your account representative is your go to person.  He/she will collect your invoices and support documentation, he/she will verify your invoices, deal with your clients and fund your account.  As you can see, it’s important that your account rep, gets to know your account well. 

You should focus on running your business, let us get you plush with working-capital.  If you ready to expedite your payments call us today or complete our non-binding application now.

Alliance One LLC

Invoice Factoring For New and Established, Small and Mid-Size Businesses

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