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Packaging Factoring Company

The packaging industry is under constant pressure from the government, the media and consumers, with regards to how it’s products need to be more sustainable.  There are also pressing issues of over capacity, low prices and high raw material costs.  It’s costing you more to manufacture your products, and at the same time, it’s expected that your products should be sold for less.

Is Packaging Factoring going to bring you, to the Next Level?

As tighter restrictions come into play the packaging industry has been turning to the factoring industry as the new vehicle to keep their business, well capitalized.  Your company has to be financially stable to meet the growing regulations, put upon your industry, slower paying customers, keeping a plush inventory, extending credit terms to new and existing customers, playing your staff and other monthly fixed costs.  It’s not easy making ends meet, month after month. Factoring is alternative financing, it's not a loan, there is no additional debt or monthly payments.  When you factor your account receivables you are simply selling your AR to a factoring company for advanced payments.

How does Invoice Factoring work?

Invoice factoring is when you sell your accounts receivable, at a discounted rate (to a factoring company), for immediate cash.  After you provide a product or service, you send an invoice your customer and then, you wait to get paid.  When sell your invoices to Alliance One, you no longer have to wait for you customers to pay you, we advance you the money and we wait to get paid by your customers.

You simply sell us your open invoices, we verify that the products have been delivered or that the services have been rendered, and then we send you your money within 24 hours.  When you factor your invoices, you are always one day away from getting your money.

Factoring for the Packaging Industry:

  • Corrugated Box Factoring
  • Packaging Wholesale Factoring
  • Bioplastic Factoring
  • Packaging Manufacturer Factoring
  • Shipping Supply Factoring
  • Bubble Wrap Factoring
  • Packaging Material Factoring
  • Box Partition Factoring

If you are in the packaging industry and you are looking for a new, better way to make sure you have access to working capital, when you need it, fill out our application now; financial freedom is a few days away.  You focus on growing your business, Alliance One will make sure you have access to your money.



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