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Process Server Factoring Company

Process servers are a very labor intense industry, the more orders that you need to fulfill, the more man hours it takes to complete the jobs.  Depending on the agreement between you and your customers, many process servers will offer up to three visits to serve one person.  This can be three times the amount of hours of work, wear and tear on a vehicle and or commute costs per job.  Invoice factoring in this industry is very common, we all know businesses need working capital but in an industry that is heavy labor, cash flow is crucial.

Depending on the size of your company, invoicing and processing incoming payments are also difficult and time consuming, due to the volume.  If you choose to factor your invoices with our company, you will be assigned a designated account representative; he/she will assist you with your accounting needs.  Imagine sending over all of your open invoices today and then getting paid on all of them within 24 hours?  You sell us your open invoices; we verify for validity, after our verification is completed, we then send you your money the next day.  You will be given an online secure account, where you can login daily to monitor when the invoices are paid and you can view your reserve account as well.

If you are suffering from positive cash flow and you are interested in having your payments expedited from your slower paying customers then invoice factoring might be the right choice for your company.  Financing for process servers is one click away, please inquire today by going to our application page now.  Once we receive your application, we will send you out an agreement to review.


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