Invoice Factoring
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Advertising Factoring Company

Alliance One LLC understands the challenges facing the small to mid-size Advertising Companies. Providing net terms to your customers can be the difference in obtaining new business or losing out to a competitor. Having positive working capital is crucial, as we know all too well the difficulties in paying suppliers on time, making payroll, commission payout's and meeting the daily expenses of operating your business. As your business grows, so do your operating costs, which is why so many advertising companies turn to Invoice Factoring Companies to solve their working capital needs.

Common Factoring Industries

Media Factoring Publishing Factoring Advertising Factoring
Direct Mail Factoring Promotional Factoring Studio Factoring
Motion Picture Factoring Internet Factoring Print Media Factoring


After receiving notification that Digital Media (Times Square New York) has changed their net terms from 30 days to 60 days, KLP was had an issue. KLP was still getting paid the same amount of money but they now had to wait an additional 30 days to get paid. KLP still had to pay their bills and staff in the same time frame, but they now lacked the working capital to do so. KLP turned to Alliance One LLC to solve their account receivable problem. KLP sold their aging invoices to Alliance One for immediate cash.  Advertising Factoring is fast and secure, you sell us your aging invoices today and we pay you tomorrow.

Factoring for Advertising Companies

Invoice factoring is also reliable and affordable way for advertising companies to turn aging invoices to immediate cash.  If you need fast access to working capital at a low cost, then commercial invoice factoring is your solution, call or apply today.

Advantages for Invoice Factoring for Advertising Companies

  • Funding's on multiple or single invoice
  • Short term Factoring Agreements, customized to your needs
  • Account Receivable Financing is less expensive than traditional financing
  • Funding happen within 24 hours of the verification process
  • Insurance on all invoices purchased, at no cost to your company
  • Your assigned your own account executive to make the funding process quick and simple
  • Alliance One does not require you to fund all of your client to invoice factor
  • We only require one funding in a 60 day cycle

Account Receivable Financing - Advertising Agencies

It is common for advertising agencies to wait 60 to 90 days to get paid on their invoices; this is a financial strain to many businesses. When Advertising Companies factor invoices, it give you the financial freedom to grow your business, meet payroll demands,increase your advertising and extend credit to new clients without having the fear of being over extended. Are you losing customers to competitors because you are not extending credit terms?

Are you concerned about offering credit to new clients as you are not certain on the time frame in which they will pay; which can put your company in the red? You never have to fear this again. You can now extend credit terms to 90 days to new or existing clients, as we will fund you within 24 hours. If you really want to grow your business without stressing over working capital, invoice factoring is your solution.


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