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Security Guard Companies suffer from positive cash flow in the same way as staffing companies do; it is a very labor intensive industry.  You might have your cash flow under control right now, but what about tomorrow?  One new account can add multiple security guards to your payroll.  You have to make payroll weekly or at best bi-weekly, adding new customers is great but you will wait at least 60 days before they pay you.  Will you have enough cash to meet your growing payroll demands?

Can Security Guard Factoring Solve your cash-flow problems?

Security threats, tensions and unease in an ever-growing dangerous society has posed a serious risk to peace in today’s world.  The demand for security guards from companies and the government is growing rapidly.  It’s becoming more complicated to provide and train professional security guards in a modern high-tech world.  The cost to train new security guards and to provide protection and even vehicles is going up.  How do you plan on growing your business to meet the demands of your customers?  You can do this by accessing our security guard financing program.  Let our company provide your company with financing you need to grow your business. 

Business financing comes in many forms, but the fastest way to obtain financing without taking on any new debt is to factor your invoices.  Invoice factoring and security guard financing is the same thing, you sell your invoices to Alliance One.  After you have rendered your services, you invoice your customer and wait to get paid.  Rather than wait to get paid, send us a copy of that invoice and we will fund you within 24 hours (after we verify the validity of the invoice). We pay you and your customers will pay us. 

Security Guard Factoring is Easy!

Security guard factoring is a booming industry.  The more unsettled our society is these days the more of a need there is to hire security guard companies to protect their assets.  The more security guards you have to pay the more cash-flow you will need.   When you bill your customers, just send us a copies of the invoices that you want to sell, we verify that the services have been rendered and then send you your money within 24 hours.  You never again have to wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid.  You sell us an invoice today, we pay you tomorrow! 

Are you losing business because you can’t offer long enough credit terms to prospective customers? Did you know that you could sell your invoices at a discounted rate for immediate cash? 

Did you know that you could sell your invoices at a discounted rate for immediate cash? We want to be your security guard factoring company.

Let us partner with you and we will solve your cash-flow needs.  We will provide you with the funding’s you need to pay your bills and your staff.

Invoice factoring gives you immediate access to your cash.  We advance you up to 90% of the face value of your invoices.  We hold the other 10% in a reserve account until said invoice is paid; then we send you back your reserve amount, less the factoring fee.  Please see our fee structure by clicking here. 


Factoring with Alliance One LLC - You Sell us an Invoice Today, We Pay you Tomorrow!


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