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Janitorial Factoring

How can we help Commercial Janitorial Companies? 

We understand the working capital needs in the janitorial service industry.  The larger the customer you are servicing, the longer it seems to get paid.  The more customers you take on, the larger your payroll becomes and the more it will cost you in supplies, salaries and in new equipment. 

Are you customers paying you in 30, 60 or even 90 days?  If so, do you still have to pay your staff, purchase products and pay your monthly expenses; regardless if you are paid in a timely manner? 

There is no reason to wait to get paid, you can sell your account receivables today and get paid on them tomorrow.

The Janitorial service industry is very labor intense.  There are high expenses, in labor costs, products and transportation and it’s a very competitive industry, with regards to the prices you can charge.  Your expenses are going up on a daily basis, inflation is putting a big hurt on companies and in many cases you are operating on an annual agreement with your customers.  In many cases, your costs are going up but you cannot pass these costs to your customers.  The price of gas is much more than it was a couple of years ago which hurts your bottom line.  Your customer are feeling the pain too, you might be experiencing longer turn-around times to get paid than in the past.  If your cash-flow is causing you problems than your solution can be to factor your invoices, know as invoice financing.  You simply sell us your invoices at a small reduced amount and we will fund you within 24 hours, you no longer have to wait a month or more for your customers to pay you. 

How can Janitorial Factoring help Grow your Company? 

  • By allowing you to hire new employees; knowing you are always one day away from being funded.
  • Invoice Factoring is not a loan, you will not incur another monthly bill.
  • Your personal credit is a non-issue
  • The process of signing up with a factoring company takes about one week.  
  • You can grant longer credit terms to potential customers, while you still get paid within 24 hours

Janitorial factoring turns your aging invoices into instant cash; making your life much easier and headache free. You will not longer be in a position to always have to wait 30, 60 or even 90 days to be paid on your account receivables.

Invoice factoring is only business to business.  If you are invoicing other businesses or property preservation companies / management companies, we can help you.  


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