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Invoice Factoring Can Help Fund Your Business

Alliance One is a New York Based Factoring Company.  With over 40 Years experience in the Financial Industries.  We offer invoice factoring in all 50 States. 


Invoice factoring is when you sell your accounts receivable, at a discounted rate, (to a factoring company) for immediate cash.  After you provide a product or service, you send an invoice to your customer, and then you wait to get paid.  When you sell your invoices to Alliance One, you no longer have to wait for your customers to pay you. We advance you the money and we wait to get paid. Alliance One LLC is not a collection company, we do not call your clients demanding payments, we are simply your financial partner. 

All you do is sell us your open invoices, we verify that the products have been delivered or that the services have been rendered, and then we send you your money within 24 hours.  Once your customer (our debtor) pays us the invoice, we release the money that we are holding in reserve back to you. When you factor your invoices, you are always only one day away from getting your money.  When you chose to sell your account receivables to Alliance One LLC, we will offer you the most competitive rates in the industry. You sell us an invoice today, we fund it within 24 hours.

Business financing comes in many shapes and forms, what works for one company might not be right for another business.  Smart business owners want to know their financial options, before choosing the vehicle that will take the business to the next level; is factoring right for you?


It depends if you need quicker access to your cash or not.  If you are struggling every month to meet your financial obligations and you want to permanently stop this from happening, then yes... Invoice factoring might be a right move for you.  

If you are looking to grow your business, but do not have the funds needed to expand, or if you are nervous about hiring new personal; then factoring can help you get to the next level.  

Invoice factoring allows you access to your cash when you need it. Even if your customers take 90 days to make their payment, we will still pay you within 24 hours. Then we wait to get paid by your customers. If you would like more information about invoice factoring, call Alliance One LLC at (800) 622-6658 or Click Here for a quick factoring quote.


We know there are other financing options but before you decide which option is best for you, you need to know the costs, time frame and qualification requirements first.

When it comes to factoring, it’s cut and dry.  To qualify to factor with Alliance One, you need…

  1. Active Corporation that is in Good Standing – If your corporation has been around for many years or as little as a day, you can still factor with us.
  2. You need to have more than one customers to factor
  3. You will need to sell us one invoice every 60 days
  4. You cannot have any all asset liens on your company i.e. bank loans or federal/state tax liens
  5. Your personal credit is a non factor. If you have great credit or less than great credit, this does not affect your rate nor will it stop you from qualifying.
  6. When factoring invoices with us, we pay your company and your customers will pay us directly, so to factor, your customers must be willing to pay a third party
  7. We establish a line of credit on your customers, for the amount that we will be purchasing from you. Your customers need to be creditworthy, and in the event that they are not, we are still able to purchase invoices to them, but a cap will have to be set

Setting up your company to factor, is simple too.  You complete our pre-application and then we send you out our agreement to review and to sign.  Once the agreement has been executed, you supply us with some simple documents; we then submit the file to the underwriting for an approval.  Between 24 – 48 hours, you file will be approved and you will be assigned a designated account rep that will assist you with your funding/s.  Most new accounts are setup and ready to fund within five days.  

The costs to factor in many cases are less than what it costs you to accept credit cards and with Alliance One, there are no hidden fees. In many cases, depending on what you qualify for, your costs to factor can be $2.00 for every $100.00 that you sell us.  Go here to see our complete fee structure, you decided on the program that is best for your company.

If you are in the need of fast cash, if your business has not be open long enough (normally two years), to qualify for bank line of credit, if you do not have great credit to qualify for a bank line of credit and you do not want to pay 30% with a merchant cash advance, invoice factoring will be your best option.

We provide invoice factoring for small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses; no invoice is too small or too large.  Alliance One is an accounts receivable factoring company, we are a New York based AR financing company and we provide factoring services in all 50 states.  If you need a quick financing solution, commercial factoring might be right for your business, call us today, we are ready to purchase your invoices.

If you would like some more information to review at a later time, please bookmark this page or you can download our Free Invoice Factoring E-Book


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