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Will Invoice Factoring will give you cash-flow to run your business?

Alliance One is an Invoice Factoring Company based in New York.  We have over 40 Years of experience in the Financing Businesses in 49 States. 

What is invoice factoring and is it right for my business?  

It is when a company chooses to sell its accounts receivable, at a discounted rate, (to an invoice factoring company) for immediate cash.  Your company will provide a product or service to your customers, after you have rendered your services or delivered your products, you will invoice them and wait to get paid.  When you sell your aging invoices to Alliance One LLC, you no longer have to wait for your customers to pay you.  We will purchase your invoices and send you your money within 24 hours. 

Alliance One LLC is not a collection agency, we do not call your clients demanding payments, we are simply your financial partner.  Our sole purpose is to make sure you have positive cash flow.  Follow the link more information about what is invoice factoring or if you are ready to move forward please go here Apply Now

Choosing the Right Factoring Company

Factoring your invoices to have positive cash-flow is a simple process.  Most invoice factoring companies operate the same way.  You send in an invoice that you want to factor, the factoring company will verify that the services have been rendered and or that the products have been delivered.  Once the verification has been completed the factoring company will advance you the money and then wait to get paid by your customer.  The factoring company pays you and you customers will pay the factoring company directly.  So... how do you know which factoring company is the right fit for your company?  You need to find out what the fees will be from the factoring company.  While most factoring companies operate the same way, the fees for factoring company to factoring company very much vary.  Alliance One is a traditional factoring company, meaning we only charge you a factoring fee.  Most of our competitors will charge you a factoring fee and an APR fee based on the money they send you.  If you are looking to pay a double fee, most of our competitors will be happy to charge you.  If you only want to pay one fee for a reputable company, Alliance One will be happy to work with you. 

What is the invoice factoring process? 

You send us your open invoices, we verify that the products have been delivered or that the services have been rendered and then we advance you between 80% and 90% of the face invoice value within 24 hours.  The remaining balance will go into your reserve account and be held until we are directly paid by your customer.  After your customer (our debtor) pay their invoices, we will release your reserve money less our financing fee. The invoice factoring fee is typically between 2% and 3% depending on how many customers you give us to factor, the amount that you sell us per month and the industry that you are in. 

If you decide to factor your invoices, you are always one day away from being funded.  We will offer you the most competitive rates in the industry, the highest advance rates and top notch customer service.

Business financing comes in many shapes and forms, what works for one company might not be right for another.  Smart business owners want to know about all of their options before choosing the correct financial vehicle that will take their business to the next level.  Is invoice factoring right for you and your business?  You decide.

Do you charge an APR and a Factoring Fee?

No, we do not!  We are a traditional factoring company, we only charge you a factoring fee.  There are more and more alternative factoring companies that take on the practice of charging both a factoring fee and an APR on the money they give you.  If your customer pays their invoice in 60 days, you will pay the APR for 60 days as well on top of the factoring fee.  Many of our competitors bury the APR fee in their agreement, you might not even know until it's too late.  It is a good idea to shop around and if you do, the number one question you should ask is...Do you charge an APR and a Factoring Fee?  If they say yes, you should say no. 


Invoice Factoring Flow Process


1.  Create an Invoice

2.  Sell us the invoice that you want to factor

3.  We verify the invoice for validity 

4.  We advance you up to 90% of the face Invoice amount
the other 10% will be held in your reserve account until
said invoice is paid

5.  We pay you and your customer pays us directly

6.  We send you back the balance your reserve money less
our factoring fee (typically between 2% and 3%)

7.  Repeat step one


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