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Why Alliance One Is Different

Invoice Factoring Company - Why Choose Alliance One?

Alliance One LLC is a family run, privately owned factoring company. We believe in customer service, we build friendships along with assisting you in building your business. Our ownership team has over 40 years of experience in the financial markets and we are well-capitalized. This assures, that you will always have the funds to purchase your account receivables.

Since we are privately owned, we have the ability to customize a financial program that fits your needs, not ours. Many factoring companies have a cookie-cutter approach; you have to fit into their box. We always listen to our potential customers, we do our very best to customize a program for our clients if one doesn’t already exist.

With Alliance One, you just need to sell us ONE Invoice every 60 days, for any dollar amount.  We have a simple four-page agreement, that is simple to read, with no legal tag lines to trick you or to disguise hidden costs. 

We do not sneak hidden fees in our agreements, we do not tease you with a rate that we cannot deliver on. We give you credit insurance on every invoice at no cost to you, we are a non-recourse factoring company, which simply means if your customer becomes insolvent, even after we funded you on an invoice, we do not come back to you to recoup this money.

Today many invoice factoring companies have adopted a system where the charge you a factoring fee and an APR fee, this is a double fee and you need to be careful before signing on the dotted line. The reason why factoring companies started to charge an APR is to trick customers into thinking they are offering a lower factoring fee.  They advertise a lower factoring fee and do not tell you about the APR.  This huge fee is hidden in their 15 page contract.  They send you a proposal that you need to sign that also has a tiny disclosure saying they will place a financial statement on your business (All asset lien) they do not tell you about their APR in their proposal.  They hope you do not see it or question it but if you do, you will find out they already filed a UCC on your company, locking you in to using them.  You have to be careful on what you sign, use the buyer beware approach.  If you are shopping around (and you should), make sure you ask each company if they charge a factoring fee and an APR.  If they do, unless you like to pay a double fee, move on to the next company.  

We have a well seasoned professional team of friendly account representatives that you will be assigned to. Their role is to make sure that you get rapid funding.

We have online software, where you can log in and monitor your account activity or you can always contact us for one-on-one support.  Once your customers make their payments to our lock box, the bank makes copies of these payments and uploads them to your online portal.  

You have full access to all of your online reports, from your purchase and advance report to your reserve reports.  Many of our competitors do not give you access to these reports, again, be careful on the factoring company you choose.

We ensure every invoice that we purchase; if your client becomes insolvent, even after we have funded you on that invoice, we do not come back to you to recoup these funds. The insurance company will pay for us. You worry about your business, we make sure you will always have the money you need to run your business.



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