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Oil Field Factoring Company

Oil Field Factoring has become an enormous industry.  Since 1996, Alliance One has been a leader in financing all aspects of the Oil Field Industry.  We are an industry leader when it comes to offering invoice financing for companies in the oil field industry.  From frac sand hauling and well servicing to frac tank cleaning and pipeline services and everything in between.  If your company is in need for fast cash at a low cost, then invoice financing is the solution.  Invoice financing is a faster and lesser expense (with today's bank rates) than obtaining a traditional loan.   

We understand the working capital needs in the Oil Field industry.  The larger the customer you are servicing, the longer it seems to get paid.  The more customers you take on, the larger your payroll becomes, the more it will cost you in supplies, staffing and equipment.  Are your customers paying you in 30, 60 or even 90 days?  If so, do you still have to pay your staff, purchase products and pay your monthly expenses, regardless if you are paid in a timely manner?  There is no reason to wait to get paid, you can sell your account receivables today and get paid on them tomorrow.    

Is Oil and Gas Factoring Right for Your Company?

It is, if you find yourself in a position where you are in the need of working capital.  Do you have slow paying customers? Do you find yourself in a position of worry, when it’s time to pay your bills or your employees? The truth is, Oil & Gas Factoring is right for just about every industry however, in the oil industry services are much more expensive and we all know the bigger your customer, the longer it seems to take for them to pay you. 

Is the lack of cashflow preventing your business from growing, taking on new customers, hiring more staff members or purchasing additional equipment?  It is for most businesses and it is the reason we get daily calls for potential customers in the oil field industry.  What difference would it make to you company if you could get all of your invoices paid within 24 hours after you issue them them?  This is what it is like if you sell your accounts receivable to an invoice financing company, like Alliance One.  

If you are looking for a way to grow your business but your nervous that you might not have the money to do so? or are you simply in the need for faster cash, to pay your expenses in a timely manner? If you said yes, then it's probably the right decision for you.

Typical industries that use Oil Field Financing Services...

Water hauler Factoring Gravel Haulers Factoring Salt Removal Factoring
Trench Factoring Rig Cleaning Factoring Hot Shots Factoring
Food Truck Factoring Pipe Hauler Factoring Frac Hauler Factoring
Sand Hauler Factoring Winch Truck Factoring Well Cleaning Factoring
Vacuum Truck Factoring Rig Mover Factoring Dump Truck Factoring
Sandblasting Factoring Mud Hauler Factoring Equipment Hauler Factoring


This is just a short list of companies that we can factor for; if you are in the need of our services and you do not see your industry listed above, just give us a call or complete our pre-application, we are sure that we can help you too.


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