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Our Pledge to You
  • Invoice Factoring for Startup and Well Established Businesses
  • 24 Hour Fundings
  • Amazing Customer Service

Our Pledge to You

It's not what we do that makes us different. It's how we do it.

Alliance One LLC is your financial partner, our pledge to you is...

  • We deal with your account professionally and with integrity
    We know the importance of having positive working capital, you need access to your money. You will also get a live professional person that will answer the phone, you will never be shuffled around to someone that is not familiar with your account.

  • We Offer Dependable Services
    We are here for you.  You will be assigned a season professional as account representative.  All of our account reps have been with us for over 10 years, each rep is a seasoned professional.  We know that you worked hard to obtain your customers, your account reps work as an extension of your arm.  When contacting your customers, it is done in the most professional manner.

  • We do not charge you any junk fees or hidden fees . - Most factoring companies out there now charge you a factoring fee and an APR on the money that already charged you a fee on.  Why?  It's because factoring is a very competitive industry and our margins are very small.  Most factoring companies want you to believe that they are giving you a lower factoring fee than other factoring companies but they never tell you that they are charging you multiple factoring fees.  We believe in telling our customers the truth.  We do not want offer you a teaser rate to trick you into using our company.  We put our best foot forward and you and you will know what the cost to factor is.
    Our clients rely on us to fund their account, we know the importance of having working capital. Alliance One is here to service your account and to fund you when you need it.

  • We will answer your questions promptly and accurately, to your satisfaction
    If you are new to invoice factoring, you can't be expected to know everything about the factoring industry. We welcome you to visit us, to see how we operate, and we want to hear your questions. We want to make sure that you are informed every step of the way. This is your business, we are your financial partner, we work together to achieve success.

  • We will provide you with Low Rates and High Advances
    It's not easy to sit back and always have to wait to get paid on the services you're provided or for the products you delivered. When you choose to sell your account receivables, we will offer you the lowest rates in the industry along with providing you the highest advances. You sell us an invoice today, we fund it within 24 hours.

  • Choose the right Factoring Company
    Alliance One is a large privately owned invoice financing company. We have been servicing the business to the business community for over 20 years. We fund over 100 Million Dollars every year. You need to partner with a stable company that has the funds to fund your account.

  • We will Make the Process Easy
    We offer you a level of service, forgotten in today's business world: old-fashioned, considerate, quality, person-to-person service. You apply with us today, your account will be set up and ready to fund within 72 hours after we receive the supporting documentation that we will request from you.

  • We will Fund you Fast
    Alliance One LLC is a New York Finance Company.  As New Yorkers we have a reputation of doing things fast, this also pertains to funding your account.  If you ready to unlock your cash-flow, complete our factoring application now.

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