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From the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in-between; the vineyards and wineries have been increasing in popularity. Year after year, more wine enthusiasts seem to emerge, which is increasing the demand for wine and wine grapes.

Vineyard, if you have been looking for an alternative metod of fincaing, opposed to a traditional bank loan, then invoice factoring is the solution. Alliance One will purchase your aging acocunt receivables today for immediate cash tomorrow.

In some regions, like some areas in the North Fork of Long Island; they are running out of land to grow grapes but the request for wine and wine grapes continue to be on the rise.  Many vineyards purchase grapes for other vineyards to keep up with growing demands.  Many small to mid-sized vineyards are selling their wines across state lines, which results in an increase of business.  With the increase of business, comes an increase of the cost of running your business.  The more wine you sell, the more storage you will need, the more it will cost in labor, right down to higher costs in labels and wine corks.

When you sell your wine to distributors, you have to wait 30 to 60 days to get paid on your invoices.  This can put a heavy financial strain on your positive cash flow.  Vineyards have been using Invoice Factoring companies for a cheaper and faster solution for financing; opposed to seeking a traditional loan from a bank.  As a factoring company, all we do is purchase your aging invoices for immediate cash, as a discounted rate.  If you have open invoices, you can sell them to us today and get funding on them tomorrow.  When you factor (sell) your invoices, you are not applying for a loan, you are simply financing your account receivables for cash tomorrow. 

Vineyard Factoring is available to you and it comes at a cheaper cost than what you will pay in fees to a bank. As vineyard and a business owner, you need access to your cash; account receivable financing in many cases can be the difference between expanding your company or possibly becoming insolvent.  Does your vineyard have aging account receivables?  Are you waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days to get paid on your invoices?  Would your business benefit if you factor your invoices today for cash tomorrow?

Wineries turn to account receivable financing companies to free up working capital.  Many wineries sell to distributors and distributers can take up to 60 days to pay on an invoice.  The larger the winery, the larger the invoices tend to be to the distributors. 

You have to meet your monthly expenses just like any other business; it’s not easy to be in a position to wait 60 days to get paid on your aging invoice.  If you sell your account receivables to a factoring company, we will pay you within 24 hours from the time you sell us your invoices.  When you use a factoring company, you will have complete access to your money, without have to wait.  Invoice Factoring gives you the ability to sell more wine to additional distributers, extend longer credit terms to gain new clients knowing you will always get paid within 24 hours of selling us your invoices.  In a perfect world, you would sell your wine and get paid the next day, but in the real world, it can take up to 60 days to get paid.  Invoice Factoring is not a loan, it’s simply the sale of your aging invoice for immediate cash.  You apply today, get approved tomorrow and then you get funded on your aging invoices within 24 hours. 

There is no banking red-tape and no long time frames to get approved.  Do you need quicker access to your cash?  Is the time frame that you are waiting to get paid on your aging invoices hurting your business or stopping you from growing?  If so, then invoice finanicng can be the right choice for your business.


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