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The Invoice Verification Process

In most scenarios, when you sell products or when services are rendered, you send your client an invoice with the net terms.  When you sell your account receivables to Alliance One LLC, we advance you the face amount of that invoice, and hold on to a small reserve, until we receive the payment.  Alliance One will purchase your invoices but we need to verify with the debtor (your client) that the products have been delivered and accepted or that the services have been rendered.

After you send us an invoice to purchase, we will contact the client to verify the goods or services have been accepted, delivered or that services have been rendered and that your customer agrees to the invoice amount and net terms.  After the verification of the invoice, we wire the money to your account within 24 hours.  We can send your money by a federal wire, ACH or send you a check in the mail.  If we send a federal wire, you will receive the money the same day we send it, an ACH can take a day or two to arrive in your account and sending a check in the mail can take many days to arrive.  You are factoring your invoices because you need working capital if you had the time to wait to get paid you would not need the services of a factoring company.

Not All Businesses Operate the Same

Every business is different, if you run an employment company, we might request time cards, other industries have online verification systems that are already in place, all we would have to do is login and see the invoices have been accepted.

Personal Service

Once you become a client of Alliance One LLC, you will be assigned a friendly and professional account representative. His/her job is to make sure they service your account and properly verify the invoices that you are looking to factor, so you have rapid funding of your invoices.  When you call, you will always speak to a live person, it's the small personal touches that separate us from all other factoring companies.

Do we have to Speak to your Clients?

Sometimes our factoring clients are concerned about the invoice verification process, they feel it could have a negative effect on the perception of their company. Invoice factoring has been around for well over a hundred years and factoring companies have been providing billions of dollars of working capital to businesses every year. Alliance One LLC is not a collection company, we do not call your clients demanding payments, we are your financial partner. If we are having issues collecting payments we turn to you, not your customer. We are in the business of proving account receivable financing, we do not make collection calls. Once you sell us your invoices, it is still up to you to make sure that the payments are made as per the net terms of the invoice.

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