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  • While you're on the road, we'll make sure you have cash
  • Made a delivery? We will pay you in 24 hours
  • Don't get stuck on the road, with no access to your money

Trucking-Freight Factoring Company

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to make ends meet?  At the end of the month when all of you bills are due, do you find yourself always scrambling around to make the payments,  just to realize that if you were paid on your open invoices that you wouldn’t be in this position?  It’s happenes to all companies at some point or another.  There is a solution to the problem; it's freight factoring. 

How much are you owed in your aging invoices?  What if you take these open invoices, sell them to us today and we pay you on them tomorrow?  Stop waiting to get paid, we will pay you tomorrow.  Every invoice you generate is always one day away from being funded, if you choose to use our Freight Factoring Services.  

How does Freight Factoring Work?

  1. You deliver the freight load to your customers
  2. You send the freight bill to your customers and send us a copy as well
  3. We verify that the delivery has been made
  4. We advance you up to 90% of the freight bill (we hold 10% in a reserve account)
  5. Once your customer pays, we send you back the reserve, less our factoring fee


We will purchase your freight bills, so you will can get paid faster.  You keep your eyes on the road and let us keep our eyes on getting you funded!


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