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Amazon Vendor Financing

Invoice Factoring for Amazon Vendors

Let's face it, buying and selling products on Amazon has become a multi-billion dollar industry with over 2.5 million sellers. If you are an Amazon seller or if you are looking to become a seller you know there will be costs to run your business.

No matter what your selling platform is, you will need a stock pile of products, and this cost money. If you are a current Amazon Seller, you know that from the time of your sale to the point where Amazon deposits the money into your account, this can be over three weeks. While this is a normal turn-around time in many industries, it's important to know that you will still wait close to a month to receive your money and that is a long to wait for your money.

Amazon is a virtual retail selling machine. If you are looking to start an Amazon Business or if you are currently selling on Amazon, you will not have to worry about securing a physical location and running large marketing campaigns to draw people to your store. Amazon provides the consumer traffic, you don't have to wonder how you are going to get traffic to find your products. With that said, there are over 2.5 million sellers, if you are selling common products, you are going to be working a lower profit margin to compete in the market place. You will need to sell a higher volume of products to make this a viable business. You need to focus on making sales, we will make sure that you are funded.

How do you fund your Amazon Business?

It is very difficult to obtain traditional finance from a bank, so how are Amazon Sellers getting funded? Amazon Seller are turning to factoring companies like Alliance One LLC to finance their business.

How does factoring for Amazon Sellers work?

You receive and fulfill an Amazon order with a verified shipping confirmation, you typically have to wait 14 days for Amazon to deposit the proceeds of this sale to your account. When you factor your Amazon invoice, we will advance you on the invoice within 24 hours. We pay you directly and then we will wait for Amazon to pay us.

Factoring for Amazon Vendors will give you cash-flow to run your business.
Replenish inventory
Pay your shipping expenses
Free up advertising dollars

Invoice Factoring is Business to Business

As an Amazon Vendor you are most likely selling products to other people, not other businesses. Typically when selling products on a retail level, you would get paid on the spot for every sale. As an Amazon Seller, you are getting paid from Amazon directly, regardless if you sell a product to a business or an individual. Since Amazon pays your company, the transaction is business to business, therefore invoice financing is possible for Amazon Sellers.

Here at Alliance One we have custom tailored a factoring program for all Amazon Sellers. We would like the opportunity to show you how we can assist you in growing your business. With our invoice factoring program, we will provide you with the financing and cash flow you need to succeed. The financial health of all businesses is based on a companies ability to access their cash flow.

With Alliance One LLC, you sell us and invoice today, we pay you tomorrow!



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