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We're an owner-operated, New York-based invoice factoring company with over 40 years of experience in the financial markets. We specialize in Account Receivable Financing or Invoice Factoring. Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivables (i.e. your invoices) for immediate cash. As an owner operated company, Alliance One LLC has the flexibility to tailor a program that meets your businesses growing needs. In many cases we can fund up to 95% of the invoice face amount within 24 hours after the Verification Process.

Many factoring companies want to take control of your invoicing, billing and funding process. Alliance One LLC, feels you should run your business the way you want to, we just fund you the money that you need to solve your working capital to grow your business.


Business Owners

We know running a business isn't always easy. Daily life is complicated enough without having to worry about the account receivables for your company. We strive to make things easy for you and your company; you focus on your business, we'll tend to your financial needs, by getting you the money you need, when you need it. Account receivable financing has been around for hundreds of year, it's is a fast, less expensive and easier way to traditional bank loans.

Invoice factoring is the solution to your financial needs, it give your business the working capital that you need to grow your business. When you factor your invoices, it allows you to meet payroll demands, purchase more inventory, take on new clients, it allows you to offer longer credit terms, pay your monthly expenses and most of all, it give you piece of mind, knowing that you are always one day away from being funded.


AR Financing

When you use a factoring company to financing your account receivables, you are making the commitment to bring your business to the next level. Every Business needs working capital; some of the largest companies in the USA, invoice factoring companies, to solve their financial needs.

For a visual understanding on how AR Financing works, please watch our video.

Invoice Factoring is NOT a Loan

It's an alternate way to obtain financing that provides billions of dollars to industries in across the globe. When you factor your invoices, this gives you more Finacial Freedom. Let's face it, in a perfect world you would get paid on the same day that you delivered your products or rendered your services, but this is not a reality. In today's market, its common for businesses to wait 30, 60 or 90 days to collect on it's account receivables, it's not easy to sit back and wait, while your bills stack up and when you have to meet weekly payroll.

Account Receivable Factoring
Would it make your life a little more stress free, if you had a company that would purchase your invoices today and pay you on them tomorrow? If you said yes to this question; I would like to welcome you to Alliance One LLC. Please take a moment to complete our easy, one page pre-application. By doing this, it will enable our company to get you a non-binding proposal, you can also click here for for our quick quote page and one of our account representatives will get right back to you.

Common Industries that use Invoice Factoring Services

Advertising Agencies Janitorial Services Suppliers
Consulting Companies Maintenance Companies Staffing Agencies
Distributors Manufacturers Website Industries
Freight & Trucking Packaging Companies Wholesalers
Importers Service Industry Other B2B Industries
We want to talk to you

It would be great if we could call you, to explain how invoice factoring works, since we can't do this, we need you to take the first step, by contacting us. We have many ways for you to obtain the information you are looking for, you can navigate through our website for information, you can send us an email, start a Chat Session or just give us a call toll free by calling 800-622-6658. One of our professional and friendly representatives would be happy to assist you. If you want to stay current on the future of Account Receivable Factoring, you can join our mailing list or sign-up for our FREE newsletter.

Some Reasons to use Factoring services in the service industry are...

  • Ease of Paying your Staff
  • Pay yourself
  • Capital to Pay your Suppliers
  • If you have issues with your Credit
  • If your are Looking to Grow your Business
  • If your Business is Newly Established
  • Ease of Paying your Monthly Expenses
  • If your are looking to Hire more people
Commercial Factoring Comapny - Benefits in Factoring Invoices
Invoice Factoring Sell your Invoices Today - Get Paid Tomorrow Invoice Factoring Consulting Company
Invoice Financing We're a National Factoring Company
Account Receivable Financing No Invoices too Small or Too Large
Freight Factoring Friendly and Personal Account Representative
Truck Factoring Start Rates as Low as 1%
AR Factoring Startup Companies and Well Established Companies


Invoice Financing Join Today

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Factoring an Invoice for $100 at 1% you gives you $99.00

Invoice Financing



  • If you are Ready For Financial Freedom
  • If you TIRED of waiting 30, 60 or even 90 Days to get PAID
  • If you never want to be concerned about having enough money to make payroll
  • If you want to GROW your Business
  • If you want to Sleep at night without Worried about how you are going to pay your bills
  • If you want to get paid today

If any of these issues, sound like you, then you need to APPLY TODAY

Financial Freedom is knocking at your door. Do you want peace of mind or continued heartache?


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