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Staffing Factoring

As a temporary staffing company, we know that having positive, consistent cash flow is the lifeline of your business, as you have weekly payroll needs.  Alliance One has been factoring for employment agencies for over 20 years.  The more your company grows, the money you need, to pay your staff. 

Payroll is the largest expense for most companies, so the need for positive cash flow, is most important, in the staffing industry.

Should you Factor your Invoices or apply for a Bank Line of Credit?

Traditional bank loans, usually do not work for staffing companies. A line of credit is normally based off of your business tax returns, so when you need to hire more people, the money made, will not reflect until the following years tax return; so you will always need more than what the bank says you can have.  If take on a new customer and they require your company to supply them with 10 people, your line of credit can be depleted just making payroll for this one customer. 

When you use invoice factoring for your working capital, you are simply providing invoices for each employee on a weekly basis, and we advance you the funds, well before the time you need to make payroll.  As your company grows, we grow with you and when you need more money, we will provide it.   

Temporary Staffing Factoring Q&As

  • If I send Alliance One an Invoice Today, when is the money advance to me? Normally with 24 Hours
  • I am a start-up company, can I still factor my invoices? Yes, we welcome young and well established companies
  • Do I have to sell you all of my invoices? No, you only have to sell us the invoices that you want
  • Are there any monthly minimums? No, we do not believe that your business exists to feed us business
  • Do I have to factor all of my customers?  No, you tell us, which customers you want to factor
  • Do my customers pay my company or Alliance One?  We pay you, your customers pay us

Is Temp Staffing Factoring right for your Business?

If you are want to eliminate bad debt, grow your business, looking for positive cash flow and maybe even pay yourself; then invoice factoring with Alliance One, is your ticket to Financial Freedom.


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